Balikpapan Super Blok

Posted in Commercial by admin on August 19, 2012

One of the largest mix-used complexes in Balikpapan.

The project consists of one apartment complex and a hotel – above the shopping mall – , shopping mall, shop houses complex and thematic al-fresco restaurants and café complex.

The landscape design for the apartment has a resort tropical design. The challenge for this project is how to manage an attractive landscape design, which should blend harmoniously between the hotel and the apartment, but still considering the elevation difference between both objects.

The signature item for both apartment and hotel is the lagoon pool, which is designed in a flowing unity and could be seen as one single lagoon from the sky.

The lagoon pool is equipped with a thematic hardscape items ,such as sculpture, water feature, gazebo and water children play equipment.

The project offers the tenants one stop playing adventure for the children and provides a huge area for swimming, playing and relaxing, which is supported by a very lush, natural and tropical landscape ambience.

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